Useful Devices to Help You Watch the Baby

As parents, we desire to protect our children 24 hours a day. However, sometimes it is somehow impossible to always keep on eyes on them. Some parents choose to hire nannies to watch their children, especially when they are still babies. But not all parents could put their trust in strangers. Luckily now parents are helped by technologies, devices to help you watch the baby.

There are plenty of kinds of devices to help you watch the baby. It comes in different types, diverse advantages and also prices. In the past devices only favor video resolutions, audio, battery, and power. Now it has evolved by adding additional aspects that add the value from the device. Confused about choosing the useful and right device? Here are the top five useful devices parents can consider as a great choice:

1.     Nanit Plus Baby – Monitor

Like other baby monitors, it could directly connect to the parent’s smartphone. But Nanit Plus Baby – Monitor is more than that. Why? It could track the baby’s breath and could display the baby’s breaths each minute. This device could also show the temperature and humidity level from the baby’s room. Like the installation, it could place clipped on the crib, standing on a table or even the floor.

2.     Motorola Halo Baby Monitor

Other useful devices to help you watch the baby. Motorola Halo Baby Monitor has an HD camera and allows switching in night mode. Parents are able to monitor their babies in a clean view even tough in darkness. The soothe part has 7 multi-colors that projects to the room’s ceiling.

3.     iBaby Monitor M6S

This is the most top-selling and top-rated for babies monitor device. It claims to spend only 60 seconds on installation. Also, it has one of the fastest monitor and stream compared to others. Not only parents could monitor the baby, but also they could talk to them in distance. Parents could also play lullabies and bedtime stories through the application.

4.     Axbon Wireless Video Baby Monitor

One of the stands out features from this device to help you watch the baby is the alarm. The alarm could be set to remind parents to change baby’s diaper each several hours. It also completed with a 2, 4-inch color LCD Display; so no need to connect again to parent’s smartphone devices. It has also a temperature sensor detector, to manage whether the baby’s room is too hot or too cold.

5.     Owlet Smart Sock

This device is currently the best device for newborns. It works like a pulse ox meter in hospitals. It could track the baby’s heart rate. The difference from this device is that the monitor is formed as a sock. Those socks are washable and could be changed as needed. The notification on the parent’s smartphone would appear in different colors due to the baby’s status.

These are indeed sophisticated and useful devices to help you watch the baby. Before purchasing, make sure the device has the most suitable features. And do not forget to consider the baby’s need also.

Author: Curtis Nichols