Best Teaching Method for Illiterate Elders that You Should Know

Best Teaching Method for Illiterate Elders that You Should Know

Teaching and learning process is not the easiest thing to do. Not all people suitable to be a teacher. The teacher has many duties that he needs to fulfill in order to make the learner to be smart. Then, the most complicated problem for teacher is matching and conducted the appropriate teaching method with the students. Because, many students that have different characters. So, how about the illiterate elder students? What is the best teaching method for illiterate elders?

Best Teaching Method for Illiterate Elders that You Should Know

Before explaining about the best teaching method for illiterate elders, we must understand first what the illiterate student is. So, the illiterate student is the elder students that aren’t able to read or write something. When common people learn to read and write in childhood, the illiterate elders still aren’t able to write and read until they grow up and become older. Thus, this problem is a big problem that teacher need to spend their effort more to teach the illiterate elder. Then, what should be done by the teacher in order to fix this problem? Here are the methods.

1. By Looking For Their Experience

As we know together that the elder might have many experiences in their life. So, to teach them something we need to utilize their experience to make them understand the lesson. We can connect every material with their experiences. Ask them and show them the real material of the teaching and learning process. Thus, the illiterate elder will get the point of your explanation.

But, everything is not as easy as you think. Not only they should understand the material but you should also understand them well about their want and their point of view. Therefore, as their teacher we need to find the material that might be included in their experiences, not our experiences.

2. Problem And Solving Method

The second best teaching method for illiterate elders is the problem and solving method. Except for experiences, the elder might also have many problems and the solving that happens in their life. That’s why the problem and solving method will be the best way to implement for illiterate elders.

Sometimes, the illiterate elder become hard to teach. It happens because the elder feels that they are too old to learn and the teacher might be younger than them. Thus, we as their teacher should understand and make everything or the material suitable for their conditions. So, they will understand and feel comfortable with the teaching and learning process.

3. Teach For Specific Purpose

When you teach illiterate elder it is right to find the best teaching method for illiterate elders. Your explanation or your teaching process will be useless if you just teach them without understand what they want to get and know by the learning process.

You should teach them by specific purpose and do not try to teach something outside the purpose. It will make the illiterate elder bored to learn because they didn’t need it. Teach something that they want to get and know. Understand them by asking what they want to learn.

So, everything will seem hard before you do it. As the teacher, you must give your student knowledge and material as much as you can without considering who your students are. Whether they are illiterate elder or smart students, you must teach all of them and help them to reach their dream.

Author: Curtis Nichols