Best Thriller Movie in Netflix to Watch in the End of 2019

Watching a movie is fun to kill time. Moreover, you choose a thriller movie. Watching this genre gives you a special sensation. You feel scared but also fury at the same time. Indeed, the main purpose of a thriller movie is keeping the audience’s attention. The filmmaker doesn’t let people’s alerts lost. Create a thrilling atmosphere when you are about welcoming 2020. In this article, we give you the best thriller movie on Netflix to watch in your new year’s eve later.

The reason why we recommend you to see through Netflix because it offers quality shows. Actually, Netflix doesn’t only have TV shows and movies. It also has documentaries and kids show too. But, make your New Year’s Eve feels different from the list of “best thriller movie on Netflix to watch” below:

1.      V-Wars

V-Wars is a thriller vampire movie series that will be released in December 2019. Because the story talks about a vampire, so it feels horror too. The story is from comic series by Jonathan Maberry. You will find a different vampire story because V-Wars tells about a scientist that changes his best friend into a vampire. Enjoy the thrilling scientist and horror plot here.

2.      6 Underground

Michael Bay directed this movie and some people predict that it would be his last movie starred with Ryan Reynolds. However, the story is really thrilling because of shows about six people that fake their death. They have a special skill which purposes to erase their past and create a new future. If you ever watched the Bad Boys film, then you will find quite the same feeling watching 6 Underground.

3.      The Perfection

It was first released on Netflix in May 2019. But it is still enjoyable to watch for New Year’s Eve. The Perfection talks about a young talented cellist. Many reviews said that this movie has a surprising twist. Some others see this movie quite the same as Black Swan. Some others think that it is a good movie because there is something to learn about sexual harassment to the children.

4.      El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

This is an American crime thriller movie. This movie is an epilogue of TV series titled “Breaking Bad”. Watching this movie makes you cover the gateway of Jesse. Actually, El Camino was already released on Netflix in October 2019. But it is worth to watch to welcome a new year.

5.      Earthquake Bird

Some people see this movie as a horror movie too. However, watching Earthquake Bird gives you a sensation about murder. This movie shows you how a young female expat is suspected of murdering her friend. It becomes more exciting when there is a love triangle tragedy with a handsome photographer. For your information, this movie is an adaption from its original novel with the same title.

As an online streaming media, Netflix has various genres of movies. Thus, it is exciting to explore more about the movie. But, before you see the others, you must add the best thriller movie in Netflix to watch above to your watch list.

Author: Curtis Nichols