5 Cough Home Remedies For Child To Stop Bad Cough

5 Cough Home Remedies For Child To Stop Bad Cough

You will definitely feel sad if your child has a cough. However, you do not carelessly give medicine to your child because it will endanger his health. You can provide cough home remedies for child.

Furthermore, you simply use the simple ingredients that are available in the home kitchen. This treatment is also cheap and avoids your child from the side effects of dangerous drugs. Let’s find out about cough home remedies for child:

5 Cough Home Remedies For Child To Stop Bad Cough

1. Honey

This natural ingredient is right for you to choose as a natural cough medicine for children. Various studies have proven that honey has the same effective effect as nonprescription drugs in treating cough symptoms in children. Honey does have antibacterial properties that can cure the infection.

The content of honey is effective to cure coughing. In addition, children also love honey because it tastes sweet. You can give it directly to your child or you can also dissolve honey in warm water. So, it is easier for your child to swallow it.

2. Salt Water

When experiencing a cough, children also often experience symptoms of nasal congestion due to excessive mucus production. This mucus will later go down the back of the throat and also contribute to coughing. You can mix 1/4 teaspoon of salt into one glass of hot water.

In making this saltwater, make sure you have boiled the water for 3 to 5 minutes. Children under the age of 2 years are still difficult to remove mucus from the nose. Dropping saltwater into the nostrils can help remove mucus so your child can breathe more smoothly.

3. Lemon

Fruits can also be used as natural cough medicines for children, one of which is lemon. Lemon can relieve inflammation that occurs in the throat. It also can provide an adequate intake of vitamin C for the body.

Combining one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey be cough home remedies for child. Take this cough medicine several times a day. Another way to consume lemon as a cough medicine is to mix pepper and honey in lemon juice.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric can reduce the symptoms of cough, especially dry cough. In turmeric, there is curcumin, which is able to fight foreign particles that cause infections in the respiratory tract. Besides that, Turmeric can have a more significant role, such as helping fight various chronic diseases.

How to use turmeric as a natural cough medicine for children is to crush it into a fine powder. Then, mix it into one glass of hot milk. In addition, you can mix turmeric with salt in tea and dissolve it in 4 cups of water. It is to relieve itching in the throat.

5. Ginger

Drinking a mixture of ginger powder that you have dissolved into warm water can help relieve cough. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects so it is effective against infections caused by germs.

Ginger can provide a warm sensation that provides a soothing effect on the throat that feels dry. In addition, neck muscles that are tightened due to dry cough will also relax. Therefore, this is very suitable as herbal medicine to cure cough.

Those are cough home remedies for child you should know. In fact, not many studies have confirmed that taking a natural cough medicine can cure a cough in children. However, that does not mean safe treatment like this is not worth trying.

Author: Curtis Nichols