Favorite Food That Kids Love the Most For Breakfast

Favorite Food That Kids Love the Most For Breakfast

Are your kids a picky eater? Or you have no idea anymore for their breakfast? Don’t be worry, here we are talking about the food that kids love the most for their morning mealtime. We know that breakfast is the moment when sometimes you are in a hurry. Also, it is time you start the day, thus, you must be won’t ruin it. Because surely it will affect the entire day, so, be calm, Mama, have a seat and read this article.

Favorite Food That Kids Love the Most For Breakfast

One thing that important to attract your kids is by giving their favorite foods. You must know what they like as a starter. Then, you can move to the foods they should eat. Avoid pushing them to eat something they don’t like because it just makes everything worse. Your kids will be upset, then your mealtime will be out of control. See our list below about food that kids love the most:

1. Pancake

Pancake is good for breakfast. It contains high carbo, protein, and calcium. If you measure pancake in the right amount, this gives your kids some benefits. Moreover, when you add one scoop of ice cream at the top, your kids absolutely love it. There are various flavors, you can create as your creativity. Most people make a vanilla pancake with vanilla or chocolate ice cream to be served.

2. Cereal and Milk

Just like a pancake, almost all kids love cereal and milk. There are lots of cereal kinds in the supermarket. They have various flavors too. If your kids are toddlers, usually they already had a favorite brand and taste. Add some milk inside to make the nutrition more complete. Making this food is easy and quick to make.

3. Taco

Tack for breakfast is healthy and delicious. Talking about the calories, it has a proper amount of calories. So, you don’t need to be worry that your kids will have no energy. Because taco is fulfilled by a scrambled egg, vegetables, and sauce. Making taco is flexible. You can add anything as your kids love to. It only needs about 15 minutes to make until serve. But it depends on how many topping you put on.

4. Sandwich

Making a sandwich is as easy as making a taco. Also, you can add anything you want, such as fruits, vegetables, or a slice of meat. It is so easy making a sandwich and just like 5 minutes then everything is ready. The sandwich is suitable for all family members. So, make your morning with this delicious and tasty breakfast.

5. English Muffin

It is surprising that the English muffin is also good for diet people. So, Mom, if you are in a diet program, then you can make this delicious food for you and your kids at the same time. Lots of recipes for a muffin on the internet. Choose based on you and your kids like. Eating muffin for breakfast gives you high fiber.

However, sometimes the kids skip for breakfast. It is okay because probably you are very hurried or something else. But don’t make it a habit. Breakfast is good for your kids’ energy need at school and their activity. Try one of the food that kids love the most above. Be creative and have fun, Mommies!

Author: Curtis Nichols