The Causes of Bad Dream in Baby & Prevention

Babies spend most of their time sleeping during the day and night. However, sometimes at night, they awake and start to cry. This is normal as a baby can get hungry and need their mother. Remember that crying is very normal for babies, as they can’t talk yet. But, some mothers are just afraid that it is a bad dream in baby.

Well, unless the baby can tell you that they just had a bad dream, don’t panic too much. There is no scientific research about the bad dream in baby, although it is possible. Rather than panicking too much, it is better to search for ways to prevent the baby from having bad dreams. However, if you believe a baby can have bad dreams, here are some things you should know.

1. Cause of Bad Dream

Even though we don’t know yet but try to see why your baby is crying. Try to remember what you did last with the baby. Usually, bad dreams occur because of something that recently happened to them. Therefore, try to remember what happened recently and do it over again. If the baby cries again than it can be the cause of the baby crying or a bad dream. An example of why a baby has bad dreams is because they are afraid of dolls.

 2. Stress

Bad dream in baby can be because of stress too. Babies can get stress because of many things, such as being apart from their parents. Or having to sleep when they don’t want to yet. Babies have a lot of energy and anxiety, therefore forcing them to sleep can cause stress. Therefore, rather than forcing the sleep to push out their energy. Do some activities that will make them tired, so they will sleep on their own.

 3. Action for Babies

If your babies do cry in the middle of the night, then hug them tightly. This will make them feel comfortable and safe for a moment. After they are calm, give them some milk and put them back to sleep. However, if they keep on crying try turn on the lights while keep hugging. Hug them for a bit more, because usually, they are in big fear. Don’t put them straight to sleep, try to make tired on their own. So, they won’t remember that they just had a bad dream.

 4. Prevention of Bad Dreams

An easy way to help prevent bad dreams from coming is by giving comfort to the baby before they sleep. There are many ways such as reading books or singing them songs. Just make them comfortable and happy before sleeping will usually give them happy dreams.

5. Help from Doctor

If you think that the baby is having bad dreams, and you can’t solve it, then try to seek some help. Maybe there are other causes that parents don’t know about their children. Therefore, it is best to seek help from an expert. It is better to know sooner, rather than something bad happens.

Whether a bad dream in baby is true or not, it is still best to give your baby the best condition. Just like adults, when they are happy, they will also sleep happily. On the other hand, when they have problems, they can have bad dreams. Remember that even though babies can’t think like adults, they can get stress too.

Author: Curtis Nichols