What Parents Should Do in Diet Plan for Overweight Child

Overweight is not only an adult’s problem. The child is also possible to get this. You might be wondering why. In fact, so many reasons why it happens to the child. But, the common causes are less physical activity, unhealthy eating habit, also the genetic. Only a few children get overweight from the complication among those three causes. One of the ways that parents can do is making diet plan for overweight child. Because the meal plan would be different than the other child with a normal condition.

It is also important to know the effect of being overweight. Just like an adult, they potentially risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even to their psychological condition, such as low self-esteem. Seeing the considered problems, here are things you should aware in making diet plan for overweight child:

1. Encourage Healthy Habit

This cannot be achieved without all family members’ support. Because making a healthy eating is like building new lifestyle. Not a one-time finish job. You must provide various vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain. Also, change the milk with the low-fat one. Don’t forget to set the selected protein, like fish, lean meats, or beans. If your child cannot separate from sweet, then limit the consumption day by day.

2. Make the Favorite Dishes Healthier

Every child must have their favourite food. Whether it is a chicken, french fries, or whatever it is. Now it is your turn to change the process. Keep their favourite food but change it into a healthier version. There are lots of recipes for many kinds of diet. Adjust based on what they love.

3. Remove Calories

It is already common knowledge that if you want to lose weight, then cut the calories. As we told you to limit sweet, change the milk into low-fat, and eating vegetable and fruits, actually there are still other ways. Stop salty snack and replace it with healthier cake. If you are successfully to stop snacking time, then it is the best.

4. Balancing Calories

Yes, it sounds contradictive from the previous number. Indeed, however, even your child must get rid of the calories, they still need it too. Balancing calories means balancing the calorie intake with the output. Thus, the more you understand your child activity, the abler you to adjust any food to serve. This part is also understood as how much your child burns the calories.

5. Less Sedentary Time

This part doesn’t you give no me-time for your child. It is okay when they love to read, typing in a laptop, or sitting and painting. But, you have to ask them more to go outside. Involve them more into physical activity. It could be fun and you have a quality time together at the same time. Limit their time to browse the internet should be on your list too. As the research said, 2 hours is a maximum time for every child to access the Internet every day.

Those five things above would be more effective if you work together with your husband or wife. If your child has brothers or sisters, they can be involved too. Making diet plan for overweight child is really challenging. Because you deal with your habit at the same time too.


Author: Curtis Nichols